Use voice commands to reduce your workload

"Alexa, tell me what my schedule is today, set alarms for my appointments, call my son". By integrating Amazon Alexa into your residents' rooms, you can free up your team from answering everyday questions - so they're available to work on the most urgent needs.

Give your residents more independence

Give your residents the power to ask questions, plan their days and undertake basic tasks - without the need for fiddly screens or technical knowledge. Create simple voice commands that your residents will understand - and empower them to be independent.

A new way
to entertain

Built-in interactive
games for residents to
play independently, or as
a team.


Hands-free calling,
so your residents can
stay in touch with their
loved ones.


Reduce workloads, and
spend more time creating
connections between
staff and residents.


Staff and residents
have easy-access to the
features they need most
- all activated by voice.

"Using Alexa Smart Properties has been amazing and changed the way we work. It’s already enhanced so many of our residents’ lives. One resident especially uses the call function frequently to communicate with family and friends."

Manager, Clarence House Care Home, Dorset, UK

For Residential Care

Give your residents the power to ask questions, plan their days, call friends and family and listen to their favourite music - without the need for fiddly screens or technical knowledge. All through simple voice commands that your residents will understand.

Our job is to support your care facility with bespoke, easy-to-use Amazon Alexa-based technology solutions; all designed to reduce your team's worklod, empower residents to be more independent, and enable your team to provide urgent care when it's needed most.

Contact our team, and we'll chat through all the options and features available for your care facility.

For Independent Living

Alexa Smart Properties can be built at-scale to suit your speficic team's needs - whether you need to manage 10 homes or 100 rooms. Centrally controlled through an easy-to-use web platform, this technology is designer with your care team in mind.

Residents can use Alexa as an entertainment system, call friends and family, ask questions and play games to stimulate the brain. Care teams can set alarms for appointments, update residents with news or reminders, and stay connected to support their care needs.

Get in touch with our team, and we'll walk through everything you need to get started.

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How it all works

You know your residents.
We know our technology.
Let's work together.

Whether you know exactly what you're after, or you'd like to explore options for adding voice
into your care facility, we've got you covered.

We'll work with you to find the right solutions for your needs, and guide you through the
entire process start-to-finish.

Increased independence, decreased workload, facility-wide communication systems.
Whatever your aims, we'll make sure you use Alexa for Care in all the right ways.